Friday Photo: Sailing School

sailing school

Here’s a photo of the West Kirby sailing school building that I took back in December last year. I chose to pick this building as the subject of today’s Friday Photo as the site is back in the news again.

The local papers are reporting that the Council may make a compulsory purchase order on the site in order to progress the controversial Sail Hotel project.


  1. I well recollect the ‘old’ set of buildings that pre-dated the current (rather bland) building – they were damaged by fire in the 1970’s I think, then demolished to make way for what we now have.

    I used to work down at ‘the motor boats’, for Reliance and their man in charge, Gif (Gifford) Turner – does that company still have any link to the building? Is Gif still in the land of the living, I wonder?

  2. Still alive and kicking, the council took over running of the sailing school, but Giff is still there running the Chandlery ( and Ice Cream (Turners Ice Cream)

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