Wind surfers hit top speeds at West Kirby

west kirby wind surfersLeading wind surfers from around the country have been making the most of the very strong winds that West Kirby has been enduring these past few days.

Wind surfers down at Marine Lake have found the windy conditions ideal for recording fast speeds of nearly 50mph. Using GPS technology to track positioning, Norfolk-based surfer Andy Holland (Team QSW – image source) recorded a top speed of 41.04 knots (47.22mph) on Monday 4th February. That’s the seventh fastest speed in the world this year.

Neil Greentree, Team QSW team principle said: “Its unbelievable that our local windsurfer from Norfolk is ranked that high in the world at the moment after so little time competing [Holland only returned to the sport less than 9 months ago]. Who knows where he will rank at the end of the 2013 season. All the other team riders are made up for him and his success”

You can monitor the prevailing local weather conditions by looking at the website for the weather station located on Hilbre Island.


  1. Andy’s top speed was 42.6, his 5×10 second average was 41.04. This shows amazing consistency with them being so close. Unfortunately once other people had posted it knocked him out of the top 10, but it is still a very good first time effort.

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